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Bed bug control services

Bed Bugs: "Blood Suckers"

Bed bugs are night biters and attracted by carbon dioxide and body heat. Their bites caused itchy swells and often disrupt human's sleep. While commonly found in bed frames or mattresses, they can spread to multiple small crevices and hiding places as infestation grows. A single female bed bug lay up to 5 eggs daily, this fast reproduction makes them one of the most difficult pests to get rid off. 


Adult bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are around 0.5cm long with oval, reddish-brown flat body. They are wingless and possess long, slender legs and antennae. They develop from egg to adult via a process called "gradual metamorphosis” meaning the last larval stage develops directly into an adult without passing through a non-feeding pupae stage.


The recent decade have seen a surge in bed bugs infestation globally. Singapore, an international city has similar been hit hard, with home dwellings, hotels and many lodging establishments affected by them. As both male & female bed bugs require blood in order to reproduce and complete their life cycle, they are famous as annoying biting pests. While the bites are often not painful, they produce itchy red welts and often disrupt human’s sleep and make us irritable


It is often mistaken that bed bugs only infest places with low hygiene or housekeeping. Instead, the truth is that bed bugs are spread through humans or our belongings when we accidentally visited a place that is infested and transport them to a new place. All it takes is one bed bug hiding in your bag, luggage or clothing or a female bed bug depositing some eggs into them and an infestation will occur at the new place.


As bed bug’s life cycle is short and the female adult bug lays up to 5 eggs per day, it is important to seek professional help as soon as you discover their presence to prevent the infestation from growing out-of-hand.  

Bed Bugs Chemical Treatment
Chemical treatment consists of two rounds of treatment at one week interval. It is suitable when there are no babies below 2 years or elderly in the premise as it requires occupants to vacate the premise for 4 hours after each treatment. Before treatment start, our technicians will thoroughly inspect your premise for current harborages.

  • Residual spraying of odorless chemical on areas of infestation such as mattresses, bed frames, skirting of floor, walls & crevices, etc.

  • ULV misting of odorless chemical in bedrooms, living & dining rooms to cover the entire premise.


Patented Bed Bugs Heat Treatment


  • Blood stains on bedsheets, seams of mattresses.

  • Itchy swells on skin after sleep. 

  • Shredded skin of bed bugs due to molting.

  • Small cluster of dark black stains (droppings). 

  • Musty odor in room. 

  • Eggs- Milky white grain like. 


  • Maintaining high standard of hygiene & housekeeping.
    Remove unwanted clutter to reduce bed bugs harborages. 
    Seal cracks and crevices around your place.
    Wash bed linen in hot water or put in the hot dryer.
    After each overseas trip, wash all clothing in hot water or put in hot dryer. Vacuum luggage and items and discard vacuum bag. 

bed bugs dry steam treatment

Dry steam treatment is the latest technology in eliminating bed bugs. The dry steam bed bug eradicator generates super-heated steam as high at 180°C which kill all stages of the bed bugs from eggs, larval to adult. Thus full control of the infestation can be achieved within 1-2 treatments. 


As minimal chemical is involved thus; it is suitable when there are babies or elderly around and for those who are sensitive to chemicals. There is also no need for occupants to vacate the premise as treatment can be conducted with humans around.

professional pest detection



A thorough inspection and detection is carried out with our advanced bed bugs detectors to located their hiding places. This allows you peace of mind in finding these sneaky blood suckers.


After finding their current & potential harborages  a customized plan is formulated based on your situation for the most suitable type of treatment residual spray, flush-out, ulv-misting, heat treatments.


Our highly skilled & certified bed bug team will plan & execute treatments while taking into safety, health & your environment.  With our focus on safe & green treatments, you can be assured of your family's health. 


Any housekeeping improvements, potential harborages to seal &/or items to discard will be highlighted to ensure protection & prevention. 


Follow up checks on treatments till infestation clears with detailed digital reporting for you to track the treatment progress.  Subsequent regular routine detections to ensure they are kept at bay from your premise. 


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