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Rodents: "Sneaky Critters"

Rodents can consume and contaminate large amounts of expensive ingredients and finished packaged foods. An adult rat can eat and contaminate more than 100 kilograms annually of stored food and valuable ingredients. At first glance, that amount might seem small, but over a year, even a small rodent population of 200 rats will likely eat and
contaminate 20 tons of food.


Rats & mice are very successful in their survival capabilities and adaptability in our environment. They are not only feared for their destruction to human properties such as household items, equipment, wires & cables by their constant gnawing but also the transmission of many human diseases such as plague, leptospirosis, murine typhus, rat-bite fever & salmonellosis.


In Singapore, the common rodent species are:

  • Norway or Sewer Rats (Rattus Norvegicus)

  • Roof Rat (Rattus Rattus Diardii)

  • House Mouse (Mus Musculus)

Rodents are primary nocturnal creatures, meaning they are active at night. Their poor vision is adapted for night vision. They have sensitive whiskers (vibrissae) & guard (tactile)hairs that give them a keen sense of touch and thus, they prefer to run along walls or between things. Agile & extremely sensitive to sound, especially any sudden ones will cause them to attempt escape immediately.


They like the odor of most food eaten by men and prefer fresh over decayed ones. Very accustom to the smell of men, our odor on baits or traps does not repel them. However, due to bait shyness, they will not enter them immediately but instead only few days later when they become familiar with these new items in their environment.

At Team 1800NoPests, our rodent control & treatment methods are targeted not only at controlling and killing the current population but also denying them of the three factors; food, shelter & water.


Our integrated rodent control program includes:

  • Improving environmental sanitation.

  • Improving environmental sanitation.

  • Rodent proofing of your premise.


Mechanical proofing by sealing up cracks & crevices. Repellents to make the premise distasteful to rodents. Trappings such as cages, glue boards or snap traps, etc. Rodenticides for rapid control of high density rat population.


  • Sightings of rats.

  • Double gnawings marks of twin incisors.

  • Droppings & urine with bad smell.

  • Runways, tracks & footprints.

  • Rodent stains like rubmarks.

  • Burrows.

  • Scratching or rustling sounds


  • Source reduction of food, water or shelter.

  • Remove clutter to minimize potential harborages for rodents. 

  • Sealing up of gaps and crevices such as utility lines, cable trunkings, etc to eliminate potential rodents entry / exit points. 

  • Proper storage of food. water in tight lidded rodent proof containers. 

  • Use only tight lidded trash bins.

  • Trim dense landscape with min 60cm clearance from ground if possible.

  • Backfill any soil depression.

  • Repair cracked tiles/ pavements. 

Rodent control services



A thorough inspection and detection is carried out with our advanced rodent detectors to located their harborages, confirmed their species & identify areas of rodent proofing & source reduction. 


After correct identification of rodent species, a customized plan is formulated based on your situation for the most suitable type of treatment ranging from trapping, rodenticides &/or rodent proofing.


Our highly skilled & certified rodent team will plan & execute treatments while taking into safety, health & your environment.  With our focus on safe & green rodenticides, you can be assured of continued protection with sustainability.


Any potential harborages, housekeeping measures &/or entry/exit access that allow rodents into your premise will be highlighted to achieve long-term prevention.  


Follow up checks on treatments till infestation clears with detailed digital reporting for you to track the treatment progress.  Subsequent regular routine detections to ensure they are kept at bay from your premise. 

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Rodent burrow treatment

Troubled by Rodents?

Speak to our rodent specialists to find out more how we can help you treat, prevent & protect your premise today!

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