Termite Pest Control & Treatment Methods

Termites are pale in colour and thus commonly referred to as “white ants”. They resemble ants but do not have a narrow “wrist” like them. They are social insects like bees and ants and live in colonies either in the ground or in wood.

In Singapore, the three main types are:
  • Dampwood Termites
  • Drywood Termites
  • Subterranean Termites

Of these above, subterranean termites account for about 90% of termite activities in Singapore. Strictly speaking, termites have an important role to play in our ecosystem by breaking down fallen trees into nutrients for other living plants.

However, they are greatly feared due to the extensive damage they caused to our properties as they feed on cellulose found in wood and wood by-products as well as “exploratory feeding” to PVC casings and electrical copper wiring. In most instances, the damage is not detected until it is too late, causing costly repairs, annoyance and stress.

Depending on the type of termite species, below are some signs to lookout for:
  • Damaged wood (either highly moist or low moist content)
  • Faecal pellets (faint longitudinal ridges or hard with 6 distinct concave surfaces)
  • Sandpaper-smooth and clean chambers that cut across the grain of wood
  • Sheltered tubes made of soil and wood cemented together with termite’s saliva & excrement
  • Warped or uneven surface of wooden board or panel
  • Active nymphs, soldier or worker termites
  • For subterranean termites, the clicking sound of soldier termites when they tap on wood they infest or surface of shelter tubes.

At 1800-NoPests, our termite specialists are highly experienced in locating termite activities & colony workings of the different species.  We will conduct thorough inspection on your premise by probing, sounding technique or moist meter depending on the species. Based on their different biology and building techniques of your premise, we are able to propose the correct treatment methods for a successful termite management program. 

For Dampwood & Drywood Termites, Treatment Consists Of:
  • Spraying and pressure injecting liquid insecticide into galleries or chambers
  • Injecting insecticidal dust into galleries or chambers
  • Depending on situation, additional measures like moisture control or footing may be treated as well.

For Subterranean Termites, Treatment Consists Of:
  • Termite-proofing using Optigard Termite Liquid, Premise 200SC, etc
-   Pre- Construction Stage- Anti Termite "Soil Treatment”
-   Post- Construction Stage Anti Termite "Corrective Treatment”
  • Spot Treatment using Ceptiva Powder
  • Baiting using Nemesis Termite Bait System

To arrange for an onsite free consultation with our termite specialists on effective termite protection of your premise, call free pest hotline: 1800-6673787 (1800-NoPests) or 6244 6926 today!

Nemesis Termite Bait System

Nemesis Termite Bait System
  • Low profile, tamper evident cap for discreet placements & reduced likelihood of damage
  • Major advance baiting system with ultra low disturbance to feeding termites
  • Maximum bait quantity to be taken in shortest possible time for rapid colony elimination

Ceptiva® Powder

Ceptiva® Powder

  • Fast infestation elimination, (2-4 weeks)
  • Proven colony elimination
  • Unique formulation- consumed by termites
  • Control all subteranean termites in Asia-Pacific

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