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 Group of the small termite on decaying timber. The termite on the ground is searching for

Termites: "Invisible Destructors"

Termites are known to be financially damaging pests and very destructive to the buildings’ structures and façade. Infestation are usually not visible until substantial damage to properties happened as they consumed any cellulose materials found in ceilings, windows, door frames, etc. Able to travel through cracks or crevices as small as 0.4mm, they also pose fire hazards by damaging electrical wiring and conduits, resulting in short circuit or fire. 


Termites are pale in colour and thus commonly referred to as “white ants”. They resemble ants but do not have a narrow “wrist” like them. They are social insects like bees and ants and live in colonies either in the ground or in wood.

In Singapore, the three main types are:

  • Dampwood Termites

  • Drywood Termites

  • Subterranean Termites

Of these above, subterranean termites account for about 90% of termite activities in Singapore. Strictly speaking, termites have an important role to play in our ecosystem by breaking down fallen trees into nutrients for other living plants.

They are greatly feared due to the extensive damage they caused to our properties as they feed on cellulose found in wood and wood by-products as well as “exploratory feeding” to PVC casings and electrical copper wiring. In most instances, the damage is not detected until it is too late, causing costly repairs, annoyance and stress.


Subterranean termites are social insect and live in family group called colony. These social insects work similar to a caste system which comprise of the king/ queen termites, workers termites, soldier termites  and reproductive alates living in colonies below the soil.

  • Alate – primary reproductive –dark coloured, functional eyes soon become king and queen. 

  • Secondary reproductive- replacing king and queen if they die. 

  • Worker – responsible for all labor work, blind, functional sterile, care for the young, repair nest, build tunnels, locate food, feed and groom other caste, white in colour and very hard mouthparts. 

  • Soldier – defender of the colony against ants and foreign termite, blind with enlarge hard brown head adapted for fighting. Head with large mandible / jaw used to puncture and slice enemies, big jaws prevent  them from feeding themselves, depend on workers for food. 


  • Damaged wood.

  • Faecal pellets.

  • Clicking sounds.

  • Dropped termite wings (equal size).

  • Mud tubes made of soil.

  • Warped or uneven surface of wooden board or panel.

  • Hollow wood structures. 

  • Live termites


  • Repair leaky pipes, faucets. 

  • Repair seepage.

  • Seal up crevices/ cracks. 

  • Removed dead trees, wood.

  • Use metal instead of wooden racks. 

  • During swarming, keep premise closed. 

  • Regularly monitor and check wooden fixtures, skirtings, door frames, windows, etc. 

Termite Detection using advanced detectors



A thorough inspection and detection is carried out with our advanced termite thermal & radar detectors to located their hiding places and confirmed their species. Be it past trails or active, there are no escape from our detectors. 


After correct identification of termites species, a customized plan is formulated based on your situation for the most suitable type of treatment ranging from dusting, foaming, baiting, soil treatment or corrective treatments.


Our highly skilled & certified termite team will plan & execute treatments while taking into safety, health & your environment.  With our focus on safe & green termiticides, you can be assured of continued protection with sustainability.


Any structure seepage, leaky pipes, faucets, aircon ducting as well as wall cracks and crevices that allow termites entry into your premise will be highlighted to achieve long-term prevention.  


Follow up checks on treatments till infestation clears with detailed digital reporting for you to track the treatment progress.  Subsequent regular routine detections to ensure they are kept at bay from your premise. 

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Troubled by Termites?

Speak to our termite specialists to find out more how we can help you treat, prevent & protect your premise today!

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